The top Crossfit trends of 2016 – how many did you do?

February 17, 2017 by Kirby - No Comments

After the success of our blog in 2015 about the top Crossfit trends I thought I’d repeat the list again to wrap out 2016.

My non Crossfit friend always tells me that Crossfitters are massive consumers and I would have to agree with her. We tend to be an exceptional breed of humans that are always striving to make ourselves better.

Here’s 7 of the top trends of 2016, how many did you do (for better or worse?)

1. Partner Comps

Gone are the days of indivudal comps. It seems every weekend in Australia there is a mixed pairs or same sex pairs event in every city. Although more fun – it will be nice to see the re-emergence of some individual comps soon…

image from

image from

2. Strict MU

After the shock of strict MU at regionals last year, it seems everyones no.1 learned skill this season was definately these. I’m sure at this years regionals we will see a very different event if these are programmed again.

Image from

Image from

3. Roo Grips

These are by far the best grip I’ve had on the market. The aussie kangas make some tough leather.

to buy roo grips head to

to buy roo grips head to

4. Peak Chocolate

Why did no one think to combine all the things Crossfitters love into one convienant bar? Chocolate + BCAA + Caffeine = heaven!


5. No Bull Shoes

Last year it was all about Nike Metcon Vs Reebok Nano. This year (thanks probably to Brooke Ence’s followers) we’ve seen the production of these pretty good looking shoes. I’m yet to give them a whirl – what do you think?

no bull

6. Cropped tops

Although not so flattering for many (they cover everything EXCEPT your muffin top) cropped tops are making a re-appearance since the last time I saw them on the spice girls in the 1990′s. If you dare, these tops are super light, comfy and airy for those hot summer sweaty sessions. And hell if you look as good as Kara Webb does here – do it!


7. All straps errythanggg

I’m not sure who came up with the concept of the straps on the front of the bra (rather than the back) but thanks (mostly) to the dottirs and Reebok in the 2016 games season we’ve seen an influx of these strappy bras this year. And lets face it – they’re super pretty