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How to eat to maximise your performance in this years Crossfit Open.

February 21, 2017 by Kirby - No Comments

I’m almost certain that it’s a little too late to lose a whole bunch of weight or change your body composition before the open starts BUT the good news is there is still alot you can do now to alter your diet and enhance your performance in the Crossfit open over the next 5 weeks.

1. Eat Clean
Foods that are highly processed, full of additives and preservatives inflame your body (meaning you’ll pull up super sore all the time),are hard to digest (they make you bloated) and generally don’t have any nutritional value in them that would enhance your performance. Over the next few weeks I suggest trying to keep your diet as “clean” as possible; meaning fill your plate with loads of vegetables, salads, meats, seafood, eggs and some healthy low inflammatory carbs (avoid breads, pastas, biscuits and chips). This way your body will be much happier, fuelled for performance and be more likely to do better in the WOD when it’s not trying to digest the burger and fries you ate for lunch.

2. Eat more starchy carbs before and after your workout
Eating carbs before your WOD will ensure that your muscles have enough stored glycogen and energy they need to perform at their best. And then by making sure you eat a tonne of these straight after your WOD will also ensure that you are replenishing these stores as quick as possible. This may reduce the chances of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kicking in and will ensure you have enough energy to keep training well throughout the week. The best starchy carbs to fuel your body with are sweet potato, beetroot, parsnip, rice, oats and fruit.

3. Time your food
We all remember that time we ate or drank too much food too close to a workout (gross!) Don’t be a fool this year and make sure that you eat at least 2 hours before you plan to do the workout. That way, you’ll have loads of energy in the tank but won’t run the risk of it all coming back up when Castro programs a sole crushing workout.

4. Keep hydrated
As simple as it sounds, making sure you’re well hydrated before your WOD should also be a priority. Again, make sure you don’t drink bucket loads of water too close to your workout, rather consume a little more h20 the day before.

5. Avoid Alcohol
Use the Crossfit open as a chance to have 5 weeks off alcohol and give your liver a break. Alcohol (like sugar and processed foods) inflames the body and makes you more suscepitble to DOMS, aches and pains. If your body is trying to detox that wine from last night it probably isn’t going to perform at its best in the workout. Take some time away from the booze for a while and reap the rewards.