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Top 3 mobility resources

We all know mobility should be as important to us as workouts, but most of us don't know how to stretch, foam roll and mobilise properly. Heres a list of my favourite top 3 mobility resources to get you supple in no time 1. Mobility WODwww.mobilitywod.comRun by the guru of mobility in Cr ...
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Recently I was interviewed by The Vitality Hackers podcast on all things Crossfit.We chatted through:- What is Crossfit ?- Why Crossfit athletes need to modify the traditional Paleo diet- Why do athletes need to rest ? How often should you rest?- How stress affects cortisol ...
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Working your weaknesses

In our previous blog post we talked about the 10 things you need to do now to prepare for the Crossfit open. Today we are going to dial in on point 6 - killing your weaknesses. We now have around 10 weeks left to try attack our weakness. My suggestion is to pick no more that two weaknesses and wri ...
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There is around 3 months (that's 12 weeks of solid training) left until the 2016 Crossfit open. It's this time of year you really need to sit down and be realistic about your expectations come March 2016. Whether your aim is regionals, top 100, top 1000 or to perform as Rx, you need to sit down n ...
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 We've all been there in the honeymoon phase of starting Crossfit. Suddenly you become obsessive about not missing a WOD and it's hard to take a day off to rest. Your rest days are just as important as your training days, and when you start training you'll probably need more rest days that tra ...
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