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You may have heard recently (or have known for a long time) about the health benefits of bone broth.Bone broth is not the traditional stock powder you find in the supermarket. Bone broth is made by cooking marrow rich bones often for 24 hours or more and then drinking the minerals and goodies that a ...
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I'm almost certain that it's a little too late to lose a whole bunch of weight or change your body composition before the open starts BUT the good news is there is still alot you can do now to alter your diet and enhance your performance in the Crossfit open over the next 5 weeks.1. Eat Clean ...
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Recently I was interviewed by The Vitality Hackers podcast on all things Crossfit.We chatted through:- What is Crossfit ?- Why Crossfit athletes need to modify the traditional Paleo diet- Why do athletes need to rest ? How often should you rest?- How stress affects cortisol ...
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There is around 3 months (that's 12 weeks of solid training) left until the 2016 Crossfit open. It's this time of year you really need to sit down and be realistic about your expectations come March 2016. Whether your aim is regionals, top 100, top 1000 or to perform as Rx, you need to sit down n ...
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Green Choc Mint Smoothie

This is my new favourite blend for quick morning tea and is perfectly macro balanced with protein - fat - carbs.Its gluten free, dairy free, vegan and full of hidden micronutrients.1 banana1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I used a clean choc hazelnut rice protein from protein supplies Aus ...
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Sometimes, I crave cake but I know if I make an entire cake it would be demolished within 2 days. This is where my single serve mug cake was born from.This cake is Paleo, GF and DF and is cooked in 2 minutes so can easily be prepared after dinner or for breakfast! It's perfectly macro balanced by ...
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10 min breakfast ideas for athletes

Breakfast is one of the most challenging meals to keep on track because we are often rushed for time in the mornings.Breakfast doesn't have to be traditional western foods like toast or cereal. Think outside the box and try to look at breakfast as just another meal of the day. That said, I know its ...
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Vege Avo Egg Smasher

My go to very aussie post workout meal! Ingredients- 2 slices of GF bread ( I like the rice chia bread by dovedale available at Coles or I make the sprouted seed bread from Pete Evans Healthy everyday Paleo book)- 2-3 Eggs (depending on your macro requirements)- Vegemite- 1/4 avocado Metho ...
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Last week we spoke about cortisol; the hormone that is secreted from the adrenal glands in response to physical or psychological stress, prolonged exercise, poor sleeping habits and sleep deprivation. Having high levels of cortisol in your body leads to increase fat storage, muscle breakdow ...
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Paleo Pancakes

(Well almost paleo)This is my go to meal any time of the day when I'm craving something sweet yet need something to fill me up.This meal is perfectly macroed to suit me and my body type on a typical training day. Around 12g P, 10g F, and 30g CPrep and Cook time : 10 minutesServes: Fo ...
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