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You may have heard recently (or have known for a long time) about the health benefits of bone broth.Bone broth is not the traditional stock powder you find in the supermarket. Bone broth is made by cooking marrow rich bones often for 24 hours or more and then drinking the minerals and goodies that a ...
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I'm almost certain that it's a little too late to lose a whole bunch of weight or change your body composition before the open starts BUT the good news is there is still alot you can do now to alter your diet and enhance your performance in the Crossfit open over the next 5 weeks.1. Eat Clean ...
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After the success of our blog in 2015 about the top Crossfit trends I thought I'd repeat the list again to wrap out 2016.My non Crossfit friend always tells me that Crossfitters are massive consumers and I would have to agree with her. We tend to be an exceptional breed of humans that are always str ...
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There’s no denying right now as you read this blog on your phone that you are probably in some sort of slumped position.Recent research shows that the average person spends 2-4 hours each day looking down at their mobile phone. That is an average of 700-1400 hours per year scrolling Facebook and ...
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I can easily remember spraining my ankle numerous times on the netball court as a teenager. The first thing that was always suggested by any parent, umpire or coach was certainly RICE; Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.But, what if we were wrong this whole time?There are certainly many instances in my ...
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This weekend is a long weekend in Victoria, Australia. Instead of going away for three days over the weekend I have chosen to have a "staycation" at home, but decided I wanted to still experience the feeling you get from "unplugging" for three days.More and more than ever before people are becoming ...
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Top 3 mobility resources

We all know mobility should be as important to us as workouts, but most of us don't know how to stretch, foam roll and mobilise properly. Heres a list of my favourite top 3 mobility resources to get you supple in no time 1. Mobility WODwww.mobilitywod.comRun by the guru of mobility in Cr ...
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Does the CrossFit open cause you anxiety, angst and leave you hating CrossFit in 5 weeks time?Often the open can be deflating for our ego when we realize our leaderboard ranking and performance is not where we thought we would be.This blog i did for bagsnatch is your definitive guide to keeping your ...
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How stress affects your performance

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, moody, forgetful or just performing poorly in your workouts?Chances are your probably STRESSED.Stress isn't always a bad thing, it can actually be beneficial in workouts, the open and competitions to give you that extra burst of energy or focus to push yourself be ...
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It's this same time of the year I notice many clients and friends go through a shift in their thinking.When the calendar clicks over to a new year we often spend time reflecting on the year thats passed, and planning our goals and lives in the future.Many of us suffer constant anxiety around our l ...
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