What Is It

This 6 week challenge is a ready made nutrition and performance program designed for Crossfit boxes to easily and efficiently run a “6 week challenge” for their gym.

Often these challenges may seem overwhelming because you either lack the expertise or they are simply to much of a huge task to organise, so we’ve taken all the hard work out of it for you to ensure your challenge will be sucessful for both you and your Crossfit members.


  • All marketing material needed to help  whip your box up into a “6 week challenge” frenzy
  • A 60 min introduction seminar – presented by Dr Kirby at your box covering all 4 of the elements to becoming a great crossfitter
  • The 6 week Performance challenge guide – rules and instructions for all participants about the challenge including what they should or shouldnt be doing
  • The Advanced Crossfit success guide – covering everything your members need to know about nutrition, rest, recovery and connection.
  • The no fuss, easy log book scoring system – participants log all their points so you can easily determine the winner of the challenge
  • Informative and engaging emails throughout the duration of the challenge to all participants with recipes, information, motivation and support



  • 1. PERFORMANCE POINTS – a girl WOD such as “Helen” and a 1RM are performed and compared at the start and end of the challenge
  • 2. LIFESTYLE POINTS – Subtracting points for “cheat meals” or alcohol and earning points for sleeping, mobility and recovery
  • 3. BODY COMPOSITION POINTS – changes in measurements, body fat % and photos.