We’ve had the wonderful experience working alongside the following gyms running our challenge:

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Kirby’s GFGS challenge was great! She is so passionate about seeing change in people, by educating and supporting all the way through. I lost 4 kgs and made huge dietary changes, and I couldn’t have done it without Kirby and the awesome team at crossfit st Kilda

Tiffany – CFSK


Well, my experience with the challenge was a bit different to most. I weighed in and started the challenge literally the day after I landed from a month’s intensive training in Thailand. I had just lost 9kg and was the lightest I’d been in 20 years. “Why would you bother?” you might ask… FOMO. Plain and simple. I couldn’t win it. Realistically, I was more likely to go the other way. Since I’m being honest, I didn’t even fill out the diary. Not one single day.
So you might wonder what I got out of it… I got my new lifestyle out of it. I was wondering how I was going to integrate back into the real world after the month of full time training and not drinking for five weeks (longest stretch for 25 years). The challenge gave me a support group in my home box and guidelines to work within. It gave me recipe ideas and accountability. More than anything, it gave me structure to work within to really cement new habits into my real life and make permanent change.
It’s been 10 weeks since the challenge started. For the most part, I’m continuing like it’s still happening without being crazy. I took 2 minutes off my Fran time and put 20kg on my squat clean. I still haven’t weighed in for the second time, it kinda doesn’t matter. I won the prize for biggest lifestyle change and that was the more important one.
You don’t have to lose the most weight to win. Highly recommended.

Cam – CFSK


I loved being a part of the Go Faster Get Stronger challenge. I’m no stranger to the Paleo lifestyle but i had found myself in a place where my diet was slipping (majorly), I was unmotivated to workout, and I had an injury that just wouldn’t go away. The challenge got me right back on track, I lost a bit of weight but more importantly I look forward to going to the gym AND my injury is no more! I highly recommend joining!

Dawn – CFSK

Wards Gym

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The best part of the 6 week challenge was resetting and realigning some of my goals and priorities. By having the point system it made me think about the food and drink I was putting into my body, and made me remember that eating clean is sometimes more about preparation and planning, than choices. I started having more snacks pre-prepared (even if it was just hard boiled eggs and tuna cans). It changed the way I looked at ‘treats’, in particular alcohol and coffee, and made me realise that I could live without it. Now every coffee/’drink drink’ is a delicious treat.

I found that by doing the challenge at the same time as other members of my CrossFit box I was able to share thoughts, frustrations and recipe ideas! And our CrossFit Facebook page soon became an inspirational page of yummy food ideas. This group approached helped me stay on track

After the 6 week challenge I am still keeping the same eating plan as before and have learnt some new skills in food prep, and developed a new love for fish, veggies and paleo muffins, bliss balls etc.

One of the biggest impacts into my challenge was buying a juicer. This allowed me to pack my breakfast full of fruits, veggies, kale and other things like chia seeds, flaxseeds and my protein powder (also a meal replacement). I now look forward every day to my morning juice!

Other habits that I have adopted are things like parking as far away from the shops as I can, playing more actively with my daughter, doing daily sit ups and push ups, purchasing a door gym for daily pull ups and a big reduction in sauces/condiments. As someone who’s job sees me in pubs a lot at meal times, I’ve also learnt to be better with my choices. The steak sandwiches, parmas and burgers have been replaced with steak and veg (no sauce) or grilled fish and veggies (no chips!)

Paul – CFPM 




We wanted to run a nutrition challenge for our gym but didn’t have the time to organise one, so we enlisted in Go Fasters Get Strongers program and were so happy we did! Kirby was so knowledgable in her seminar about nutrition and performance for athletes that our members left enlightented and excited to start their 6 week journey.

The results and dedication of our members of the challenge was remarkable, with the winner losing nearly 8kg including 4kg of body fat and lost 12cm from his waistline! Not only that he became so dedicated to his new way of life he has committed to becoming a personal trainer!

The best part of the challenge was that it brought our gym together more than ever before as a community. Every one shared recipes and ideas along the way and met new friends within the gym!

Thank you Go faster Get Stronger for making the challenge stress free for us (as owners) but also a life changing success for all our members!

Hannah (Crossfit Fast Forward box owner) 



“I think the GFGS challenge in our box was a massive success, it has changed the way I feel, the way I eat and what I want to eat, training has become better and I am slowly moving up in weights and my times are dropping across the board. One of my main goals was to achieve more RX’s and to push myself more and more, I managed 10 RX’s this month which I am pretty happy with. I lost 4.3% bodyfat, 3.1kg and improved my Helen time by 2 mins all in 4 short weeks!”

Mark – CF3000


This was our second time running a performance challenge for our members.  We wanted to offer more than just a nutrition challenge – we wanted a holistic approach that focused on fitness, mobility, recovery and developing positive habits in addition to nutrition. The program from GFGS was fantastic! We had over 60 members participate in our GFGS 30 Day Performance Program, with the hardest part being how to give out prizes to only the top 3 performing men and women as we had so many outstanding results!

GFGS delivered very informative content to our members before and throughout the challenge, and took away the logistical dramas and time that can accompany organizing this type of challenge. Through the simple logbook provided, members were able to effectively track their progress, allowing easy visibility at the conclusion of the challenge to see how far each person had come, and also to recognize exceptional results.

If you are after an inclusive, easy to deliver program that addresses far more than just nutrition for your members, then the GFGS 30 Day Performance Program is for you.

Julia (CrossFit 3000 box owner) 


Taking part in the GFGS Challenge at my box this year has been one of the best things I have done for my health and wellbeing. The initial trepidation about participating was completing removed with the amount of help and support provided by the program, my coaches, fellow members, friends and family.

The information was easy to understand and implement and the log book for keeping track of my progress and results was a breeze. I’ve have struggled with my weight for a number of years. The four elements (nutrition, mobility, recovery and connection) that the program introduced were not unknown to me. Over the years I always worked on some, but never all. The beauty of the CFGS Challenge was that it was so easy to concentrate on all four. The log book kept me accountable due to the self-monitoring required. As a result, I set significant PRs – 12.5kg increase in my back squat and taking 1:12 mins off my Jackie time. I also lost over 5 kgs and more than 30cm overall. All in the 30 days of the Challenge!

Something has just clicked for me and I have been able to continue to follow the principles. A couple of months after the Challenge, I continue to lose weight and cms and increase my strength, endurance and fitness. I recommend this program to everyone who wants to learn strategies to improve their health and fitness, not just for the short 30 days of the program, but some that easily transfers into their life on an ongoing basis.

 Nadine  – CF3000