Program Outline

At GFGS we believe that ever Crossfitter has the ability to become a successful athlete when they understand out simple receipe for optimizing peak performance and proactively taking care of their body. This includes our 4 key elements:


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  • Learn the exact nutritional strategies to maximise fat loss, increase muscle gain and improve performance (remember abs are made in the kitchen, not just the gym!)
  • Most Crossfitters never reach the levels they should beacuse their body isn’t using the right fuel. We’ll give you the blueprint to fuelling your body for explosive workouts
  • Find out which foods shut down recovery and switch off repair


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  • What mobility really is and why it is essential
  • How and why mobility restrictions influence your power, strength and speed and learn exactly what to do about them
  • How to best schedule rest days and what to do for active recovery


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  • PB’s can only come if your body has the optimal hormonal balance. I’ll give you the exact steps needed to balance the “two big” hormones – insulin and cortisol
  • Sleep may well be the ultimate performance supplement. I’ll show you the 5 steps to the perfect nights sleep (mess this up and you seriously sacrifice performance)
  • Are you confused about supplements? I’ll walk you through this “minefield” and show you what’s essential to an athlete


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  • In this section you’ll learn the missing piece of so many Crossfit athletes
  • I’ll show you how posture drives performance and why a proper functioning spine may be the key to you reaching your best
  • Learn how stress affects your performance and what you need to do to combat it