6 week performance challenge for gyms

Want to run a 6 week challenge for your box but don’t have the time, energy, effort or expertise to do so?

We’ve taken the hard work out of it for you!

Go Faster, Get Stronger will help you stand out from the crowd with this easy to implement 6 week performance challenge.

This is not just your standard “paleo” challenge. Instead your members will learn the 4 essential elements (nutrition, mobility, recovery and connection) needed to become a great Crossfit Athlete.

Why would I want to run a challenge like this at my gym? 

- Add value to your clients membership by educating them about nutrition and recovery – often the two most neglected areas of optimal performance

- improve the strength, body composition and performance of all your members

- maximise retention of clients by decreasing the chances of injury and re-engage injured members to get them back to training sooner

-minimise drop off of clients by boosting excitement and engaging members in this fun 6 week program